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Empresas Produtividade
Developer: Better Life Technologies Inc.

First Twenty downloads for dbaBuddy V2.0 will be free.
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DbaBuddy is the first application specifically designed for database administers, managers, and their clients. This clever, user-friendly app keeps track of your work while keeping everyone up-to-date on the status of database tasks. It’s wonderfully easy to get started and to begin using the comprehensive functions, with loads of options for recording, monitoring, and reviewing database health.

Prominent features include, but are not limited to:

A brief, simple start up to begin managing to-dos, notes, deadlines, and progress of several task simultaneously.
Step-by-step navigation and the amazing ability to reassign or redesign task management.
DbaBuddy lets you conveniently track daily work, whats next, upcoming tasks, as well as your ideas for the future.
A myriad of options lets you assign priorities, note task time, record updates, and report findings.
No matter how complex the task, DbaBuddy makes it a cinch to stay on top of your responsibilities and progress.
Enter new ideas as fast as turning on light bulbs. Options let you add new tasks without interrupting your work.
And thanks to the Auto-fill feature, the windows can be automatically pre-filled with the currently selected text, along with a link to the emails, web pages, documents, URLS, ad infinitum!
You can sync your to-dos wirelessly with your iPhone and iPad.
​Perhaps best of all, DbaBuddy can keep everyone—administrators, teammates, managers (i.e., the Boss), and clients—in the status loop.